Manufacturers & Exporters of Quality Manicure Instruments, Surgical Instruments, Dental Instruments , Veterinary Instruments& Hollow ware.

      Hairdressing Scissors Sets
      Professional Hair Scissors
      Thinning Scissors
      Barber Scissors
      Deep Blue Titanium Color Scissors
      Multi Titanium Coated Scissors
      Shaving / Straight Razors
      Scissors Holsters
      Barber Skirts
      Barber Aprons
      Bracelet Scissors
      Pet Grooming Shears
      Nail & Cuticle Scissors
      Embroidery Scissors
      Manicure-Pedicure Kits
      Pedicure Nippers
      Manicure Nippers
      Nail Pushers
      Eyebrow Tweezers
      Nail & Foot Files
      Pedicure Slicer / Callus Remover
      House Hold Scissors
      Tailor Scissors
      Eyelash Tweezers
      Tooth Extracting Forceps|(eng)
      Tooth Extracting Forceps|(amr)
      Root Elevators
      Bone Rongeurs
      Bone Files
      Bone Curettes
      Cotton & Dressing Tweezers
      Rubber Dam Punch & Clamps
      Orthodontic Pliers
      Needle Holders
      Gum Scissors
      Amalgam Instruments
      Mouth Gags & Retractor
      Periodontia Instruments
      Filling instruments
      Cement Spatulas
      Single/Double End Explorers
      Mirror Handles
      Endodontic Instruments
      Separating Spatulas
      Wax & Modelling Carvers
      Impression Trays
      Dental Syringes
      Cavity Preparation
      Explorers & Probes
      Dressing & Tissue Forceps
      Splinter Forceps
      Haemostatic Forceps
      Towel & Tubing Clamps
      Dressing & Sponge Forceps
      Bone Surgery
      Oral Instruments
      Intestines & Stomach
      Farrier Tools
      Saddle Pad
      Stirrups Leather
      Ear Nets
      Key Rings
      Saddle Stands
      Health Hunting Products
      Sterilizing Drums
      Sterilizing Trays
      Instruments Trays
      Kidney Trays
      Autoclave Portable Types
      Instruments Boxes
      Needle Boxes
      Feeding Cups
      Bed Pans
      Urinal Pots
      Instruments Sterilizers
      Bowls Sterilizers
      Dressing & Forceps Jars
 About Us  


Fast Growing Company was established in 1998 with the joint efforts of Mr. Gulzar Ahmed and his late father Mr. Talib Hussain. Keeping in view the scientific aspects of quality Beauty, Dental & Surgical instruments, the manufacturing in a very short span of time with untiring efforts and the valuable skills of these gentlemen managed to bring Fast Growing Company to a remarkable response and appreciation by the valuable customers from all over the world.

The upgrade in manufacturing procedures, the scientific methods of QC and the professional’s management affected the sales of Fast Growing Company amongst the global customers very positively. In order to get best results of the widely spread over business Mr. Gulzar Ahmed, after the competition of business related studies of his sons re-organized Fast Growing Company in 2011 and appointed Mr. Hafiz Muhammad Numan as the in-charge of the export, Mr. Abdullah Gulzar for QC and to manage the accounts and kept the overall command including the manufacturing wing with himself thus steering Fast Growing Company into a purely family business.

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